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Areas of Operation: TRU Operating, LLC’s areas of operation span from Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Louisiana.

Managing Venturer of Joint Venture Operations: TRU Operating, LLC will partner with certain qualified investors to create partnerships in form of Joint Ventures to accomplish the development of new and existing fields. The duties of the Managing Venturer are to communicate to each Venturer the ongoing operations of specific projects via telephone or email updates. Also, the Managing Venturer is responsible for the accounting of the venture and monthly distributions of proceeds from the sale of oil and gas. TRU Operating, LLC disseminates video, pictures, reports, and is available at anytime for Partner’s questions, comments, or concerns. If you would like more information about this process, please feel to contact us.

Criteria for Lease Acquisition and Drilling: TRU Operating, LLC follows a business model that is designed around a specific set of criteria. When evaluating the potential of a lease, it is required to be diligent in gathering real and technical data in order to define whether or not it fits TRU Operating, LLC’s requirements. TRU Operating, LLC requires it’s purchased leases to contain shallow reserves less than 5,000’ deep. Secondly, we must have at least 10-15 years of production history in the area to base a financial feasibility model that has the potential to return base investment capital in 18 months or less. In addition, the field must be able to show a large percentage of completed and produced wells to dry holes as well as having multiple pay strata in each well bore. By utilizing this model, we are able to mitigate our risk and optimize our return potential.

Technical Capabilities: TRU Operating, LLC, along with our team of engineers and geologists enable the company to provide a full range of capabilities in the oil and gas industry. Some of these are listed below:

  • Geological Structure Mapping
  • Subsurface Mapping
  • Well Locations
  • Seismic Evaluation
  • Log Interpretation
  • Production casing and cement evaluation
  • Well completion design and stimulation techniques
  • Non-conventional completions including shales
  • Primary and secondary recovery design
  • Artificial lift design
  • Decline analysis and production history matching
  • Workover and recompletion designs
  • Permitting
  • Chemical programs
  • Formation evaluation
  • Reserve determination
  • Economic justification
  • Compliance with state and federal regulations

Industry Lease Brokerage: TRU Operating, LLC has an extensive network of Industry partners that align a portion of their drilling portfolios to resemble our business model. TRU Operating, LLC has compiled an inventory of leases that meet our criteria which are offered for outright purchase, or partnership. TRU has the ability to operate these leases if the interested party deems appropriate or necessary. For more information please visit the Lease Acquisition page or Contact Us.


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