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Lease Acquisition

TRU Operating, LLC’s sister company and lease acquisition arm, TRU Operating, offers complete package lease opportunities that are available to other oil and gas industry companies, investment groups, and hedge funds. Our leases are in prime locations of oil and gas rich regions of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Louisiana. TRU Operating acquires high valued leases by negotiating directly with the current title holder of the mineral rights, and referrals from existing mineral owners.

While TRU Operating, LLC requires certain parameters for lease purchase, TRU Operating realizes that there are different exploration budgets and business models. Over the past few years there has been tremendous fluctuation in the prices for oil and gas. When commodity prices were at an all time high, companies purchased large volumes of leases, as the economics presented a very profitable situation. However when prices fell, companies realized that it would not be economical to drill and were best served by selling the leases, even at a deep loss. TRU Operating was there to take advantage and purchase these bargain assets to hold until the market stabilized. Our family ancestry has taught us that history is relevant in our industry, and events that have taken place in the past are very resourceful pieces of the ultimate puzzle. A great representation of TRU Operating’s strategy during the last economic downturn is best described by this famous quote:

“The way to make money is to buy when blood is running in the streets”
- J.D. Rockefeller

TRU Operating is constantly evaluating leases in order to filter down to the most quality properties. If the lease has viable reserves and can be purchased with clean title, TRU Operating will then employ its resources to gather the geological, petrophysical, and financial characteristics necessary for evaluation and ultimately a decision to purchase. Currently TRU Operating maintains a large inventory ranging from 40 acres to 20,000 acre tracts including shallow and deep mineral rights.

TRU Operating’s goal for lease acquisition operations is to find undervalued assets that have good potential for development and generation of positive cash flow. Our country is burdened by high cost of imported petroleum products, and our mission is to contribute to the process of decreasing the United States’ dependency of foreign oil. We are able to offer industry competitive pricing on strong valued leases that incentivize other oil and gas companies and investors to drill and produce more reserves. There are multiple scenarios for lease acquisition available to our customers, some of which include:

  • Outright purchase of lease
  • Partnership Arrangements
  • Purchase of lease + TRU Operating to consult/operate lease
  • Farmout Agreements
  • Working Interest Purchase
  • Royalty Interest Purchase
  • Pooling Options

If you would like to inquire about our lease acquisitions, please fill out the contact us form or contact us directly.


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