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TRU Operating, LLC is a Texas based oil and natural gas drilling company headquartered in Denton, TX. TRU Operating, LLC and its management have drilled in many areas throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Louisiana. Our business objectives are to acquire leases in known productive regions to mitigate risks in order to accumulate oil and gas reserves at a lower cost, thus higher returns to our partnerships.

TRU Operating, LLC offers oil and gas investment opportunities through direct participation programs which enable investors to participate in the potential cash flow and unique tax benefits associated with oil and gas investments. Especially important in today’s economy, oil and gas investments allow investors to diversify and reinforce their portfolios with a commodity that is in steady demand. In addition, investors have the opportunity to play a key role in promoting our country’s energy independence through domestic drilling programs that help alleviate our nation’s dependence of foreign oil.

TRU Operating, LLC has a specific business model created to focus on shallow reserves in proven productive areas. Additionally, we require at least 10-15 years of production history and multiple pay objectives per well, all of which factor into a financial feasibility model that must show gross cash on cash potential in 18 months or less. These fundamental requirements must be met before TRU Operating, LLC considers the purchase of the lease.

Our strategy is to break away from the mold of current day “Promoters” and Broker/Dealers in order to create a direct relationship between the oil and gas company and the investors, whether industry or non-industry. We are able to accomplish this by acquiring our own leases, operating the wells directly and most importantly, to offer a quality project at the lowest possible cost.

As our families have done for over 100 years, TRU Operating, LLC represents integrity in an industry that sometimes wears a “black eye”. In today’s energy market, it is imperative to have consistency and honesty. Some investors have fallen victim to unsavory types, however when “Creating TRU Partnerships” it is our commitment to act in the best interest of the partnership. This simple method allows for trust to be built and relationships to mature.

Additionally, TRU Operating, LLC and TRU Operating concentrate on these areas:

  • Oil and Gas Exploration
  • Oil and Gas Leases for Purchase
  • Oil and Gas Partnerships
  • Tax Benefits
  • Drilling Availability
  • Demand and Consumption
  • Oil and Gas Trends
  • Turn-Key Exploration Services
  • Non Turn-Key Exploration Services
  • Operating
  • Completions
  • Geology
  • Petroleum Engineering



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